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Phoenician marine was established in 1995 by John J. Zouein and Andre A. Zouein with the vision of producing and executing innovative yacht designs for leisure and military uses. With unrivalled attention to detail, we at Phoenician marine produce bold designs ensuring no compromise to the superstructure and cabin space.


Phoenician marine offers a wide range of services such as: complete technical drawings, supervision of execution, repair and modification services. Phoenician marine also offers consulting and surveying services on all aspects of yacht design. Moreover, we offer a range of marine products throughout the Middle East.


Our chief designer and engineer John Zouein has commissioned over 270 boats ranging from 4m to 36m for leisure and military uses. 30 years of experience designing and executing yachts ensure that the services we provide are of the highest quality.


Mr. Andre Zouein is the chief marketing officer and head of product distribution at Phoenician Marine. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Mr Andre Zouein brings a level of professionalism that is paramount in guaranteeing customer satisfaction at Phoenician Marine.



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