Why Us

Our Values

We do not believe in the bureaucracy that is inherent in large yacht producing firms, as a result, we form a direct connection between the customer and our chief designer. It ensures that the customer has direct input into every detail of the design of his yacht. This is evident as we have provided links directly to the chief designers email and his personal contact details.

Often a yacht can fail or succeed based on the level of finishing, a subject taken very seriously at Phoenician Marine. Whether we are modifying a pre-existing craft or producing a top down design, our attention to detail goes beyond that of the commercially available yachts. We painstakingly refine every detail to meet our standards of perfection.

When commissioning a yacht we understand the responsibilities of carrying human life on board. We design yachts with multiple safety redundancies as seaworthiness is paramount at Phoenician Marine. Our chief designer spent over two decades designing military vessels with military grade safety features that are required to patrol the coast in rough sea states. This allows us to guarantee the safety and seaworthiness of the vessel.

Our Experience

Chief designer and engineer John Zouein has commissioned over 270 vessels of his own design across 30 years in the field. He was worked with materials ranging from mahogany wood to composite infusion methods. He has designed mono-hulls (displacement, semi-displacement and planning mono hull), catamarans, wave piercing hulls and x-bow hulls. John Zouein has built sport fishing boats, diving boats, day boats, cabin cruisers, classic wood boats and a wide range of patrol boats and high speed interceptors. Such a wide variety of materials and hull types make us confident that we can tackle any design requirements. Some of our designs have been signed off by Bureau Veritas (A well-known international firm specialising in testing, inspecting and certifying products), as requested by the customer.

Previous projects have ranged from budget builds to no-limit luxury builds. Here at Phoenician Marine we have a vessel for every budget. Due to the fact that our chief designer has worked with a multitude of companies and individuals with varying budgets, we are confident that we can most efficiently exploit the budget given by the customer.



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