Technical Design Services

We offer technical design services from basic cabin layout to a complete custom yacht design with all peripheral drawings required to begin production, working closely with the customer to guarantee all their requirements are met. Here at Phoenician Marine we use state of the art design techniques and materials to produce a timeless and reliable design. We have experience designing all types of hulls: Mono hull, Wave piercing, Catamaran and Axe bows.

All technical design drawings and hull calculations are completed using AutoCAD, AutoCAD inventor and custom hydrodynamic calculation software. The following are different aspects of yacht design that we offer technical design services for:

  • Hull and super structure
  • Deck
  • Engine room layout
  • Cabin layout
  • Mechanical and electrical drawings
  • Engine, gearbox and drive requirements to attain desired speed (including speed estimation)


The following are the different materials that we have worked with over the past years:

  • Glass reinforced plastic with composite sandwich
  • Advanced carbon fibre technologies
  • Infusion methods
  • Classic wood construction


It is important to note that if the design requires the use of composites, moulds must be made in order to lay the composite material. This mould varies in cost and construction depending on its use, a one-off mould costs substantially less than a production line grade mould.


Modification and Repair

At Phoenician Marine we know how important it is to customise your vessel, accordingly we offer yacht modification services. 30 years of experience in yacht design utilizing multiple construction methods and materials allow us to offer the following services.

  • Super structure modification
  • Hull modification
  • Repowering
  • Converting from inboard to outboard or vice versa
  • Converting between all types of drives including full study on hull reinforcement:
    • Conventional
    • Jet drive
    • surface drive
    • IPS
    • Stern drive
  • Redesigning room layout to increase space


No yacht is too damaged to be repaired, here at Phoenician Marine we repair all types of damages across multiple hull types and materials (Composite and wood). Whether it is hull damage, cabin damage or a sunken yacht we offer our repair services accordingly.

Our services extend to the rare cases where yachts of other makes are under performing. We can analyse the vessel and pinpoint the cause of inefficiencies.


Surveying Services

Buying a used yacht can be a painstaking ordeal, as many used yachts have hidden flaws that cannot be seen by the untrained eye, moreover, we understand that purchasing a used yacht is a large investment. Phoenician Marine offers yacht surveying services in order to analyse a vessel and produce a comprehensive report regarding the state of the:

  • Hull and hull treatment
  • Superstructure
  • Cabin
  • Safety systems
  • Engines
  • Drive
  • Gearbox
  • Performance


Consulting Services

We offer industry leading consulting services regarding all aspects of yacht design. This is namely due to the three decades of experience with multiple hull types and materials in both the leisure and military sector. We ensure the satisfaction of our customers with a money back guarantee if the service is not satisfactory and the requirements are not met. From hull design to the lamination sequence of composite yachts the following are the consulting services on offer.

  • Hull design and construction
  • Cabin design and construction
  • Engine, drive and gearbox to attain a specified speed
  • Lamination sequence
  • Plug and mould construction for composite yachts



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